Deborah Bohnert

1952 - 2020

Deborah Bohnert


I am a multi-disciplinary artist whose work takes the form of sculpture, installation, painting, photography, and public intervention performance art. I explore the possibilities of performance art as a way to continue my desire to create a connection between people, objects, my art and nature.

My work is process driven. I don't have any preconceived idea of what I am going to do when I am making art. Play and enjoyment are a huge part of the experience. I find joy in seeing what occurs.

My current work is installation and art performance art. I bring together my painting, sculpture, drawing, artifacts, and objects that I collect and engage the audience or observer in my work by inviting them to become part of the art.
"The found object becomes a talisman for (Deborah) the artist. In the transformation of the studio, it takes on autobiographic or psychological meaning... Deborah creates a dialogue in the pairing of an object and a painting, the spark, the charged space, between the object and the painting is experienced by the viewer.The tradition of the objet trouvé and Pop Art meet in ahead-on collision with both an aesthetic and a psychological point of impact.The history of women and surrealism is invoked. Deb is a collector, a gleaner, an artist."
- Barbara O'Brien, Curator of Kemper Museum

"Deborah Bohnert's art comes from the inside.... Depending on the viewpoint, one also seems to recognize a part of oneself - as if the artist would hold a mirror to look into. Deborah Bohnert plays with colors, forms, and materials, placing everyday artifacts into a new, artistic context.... Her pictures and objects tell stories everyone may detect individually for him/ herself. In the presence of her art, everyday life sometimes appears a little less dreary!"
- Dr. Ulrich Haegele, Professor for Media Studies, University of Tuebingen, Germany and Curator

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